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Do audiences have shorter attention spans for virtual theatre?

For most of us, we sit in front of a computer all day for our jobs. Because of the constant screentime, virtual theatre -- for all its plusses -- can be one thing that people don't want to watch or be in since it's just more strain on the eyes (usually in an uncomfortable chair, too).

To combat this, some virtual theatre companies (like this one) have selected productions that are on the shorter side; one-act plays, abridgements, or, in one case that I saw, a 2.5+ hour play split up into three segments taking place over a Fri-Sun schedule.

One solution that has not been spoken about much is the possibility of connecting (or streaming) your computer to your television.

People watch movies all the time on their TVs, and for some reason, this is easier on the eyes than watching said film on a laptop or tablet screen. (This is understandable: Apart from size being a factor, TVs and computer monitors use different display specifications, which makes the former slightly easier on the eyes for longer periods of time.)

The process to link your computer/tablet/phone display to your TV is not overly complicated, and Google/YouTube is there to walk you through the relatively simple connection. (Note: It's even easier if you have an Apple product as your device, thanks to AirPlay mode).

Sitting back on your sofa, watching a streamed theatrical production on your TV screen is a solution to the common complaint of eye and attention strain when taking in these types of productions on your Mac or PC.

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