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Why we are a "community" theatre

Jakespeare Theatre Company is proud to be a community theatre. But what does that term mean? 

Over the decades, community theatre has come to mean many different things; originally, it referred to members of one town banding together to perform a theatrical production.

Over time, though, community theatre often involves people from many different locations -- sometimes even different states! As a result, Jakespeare Theatre Company interprets community theatre in a slightly different way.

When we do a show, the cast and crew forge their own, special community. We may be from different towns and cities, but it's our common passion for theatre that creates our close-knit world.

As such, everyone involved in a production -- from the actors to the producers to the director -- take an active role in bringing the show to life. This means our small materials fee, but also embracing the unique off-stage talents we all possess -- such as an actor who is an engineer and assists with lighting and sound design, or another who plays piano and helps to create background music -- and which strengthen our bond and what the audience sees.

We hope you will join our community theatre in the future!

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