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Past Shows

2020 (as Intermittent Theatre Company)

March -- The Monsters are Due on Maple Street

July -- Agatha Christie's The Case of the Curious Client

August -- Passing On

September -- The Pandemic Plays

October -- The Turn of the Screw

November -- Titus Andronicus: The Sliced n' Diced Cut

December -- Sisters


March -- White Rabbit, Red Rabbit


January -- Carl Flunt Would Protect You from Trucks (ITC)

February -- Women & Wallace (ITC)

March -- Dramatic Paws: 4 Short Plays About Pets

April -- Art

May -- The Trojan Women

June -- Ghost Town

July -- The Shawshank Redemption

August -- Summer Shorts: Ten Minute or Less Play Fest!

October -- Dr. Faustus

November -- Down the Park

December -- Check Please: Stay at Home Edition


January -- Chekhov, Chekhov, and More Chekhov!

February -- One Moment in Time: A One-Minute Play Festival

March -- Clue: Stay-at-Home Edition

April -- The Comedy of Errors

May -- The Adding Machine

July -- The Summer People

August -- Renderings: Short Plays Inspired by the Art of Edward Hopper

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