Where science and fiction meet.

Philip K. Dick ("PKD") was a masterful writer who blended science, philosophy, and fiction together to give us tales that challenge us, transport us, and inspire us as readers and people.

In January 2023, we will begin presenting one of his short stories per month, adapted for the audio play/podcast format. 

Whether you've never read his works before or are a PKD follower, The PKDcast will bring new life to his classics while aiming to honor them at the same time.

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The PKD Players

4770-(ZF-6628-58450-2-001) - Felicia Capece.jpg

Felicia Capece


Mia Grayson

_1080164(1) - Geek Studios.jpg

Ethan Horton


Asher Lewis


Evan Medd

B2814CB8-4413-48D7-B0CC-0DD3DA62A415 - Oliver Norcom.jpeg

Oliver Norcom

headshot - Jonathan Swenson.png

Jonathan Swenson


Kathryn Field

1103EHanselman - Eric Hanselman.jpg

Eric Hanselman

Headshot1 - Sammy Jaworek.jpg

Sammy Jaworek

IMG_1408-removebg-preview (1).png

Jake Lewis

headshot 2019 - Elizabeth Morrell.jpg

Elizabeth Morrell

recentshot for acting - laoneday.jpg

Stefanie Seng

Jack-West - G.E. Masana.png

Jack West


Lorne Fortune

215962270_10100722216379971_3709057238907716508_n - Elizabeth Havican.jpg

Elizabeth M. Havican

gregoryheadshot - Gregory Lannom.jpg

Gregory Lannom


Myka Lewis

beth_muir - Calamity Bird.jpg

Beth Muir

headshot_nika_shakhmuradova - Nika Shakhmuradova.jpg

Nika Shakhmuradova

Attach0-19 - Stephanie Wolfe.jpg

Stephanie Wolfe

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