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Summer Shorts 2: Revenge of the Shorts

Read each plot synopsis below!

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In-person shows

In alphabetical order

almost like
bag men
last song

Almost Like a Song

Marital mayhem erupts in musical madness during a therapy session expressed in song titles.

Back from Whence You Came

A woman brings her boyfriend back to the bar where she got him to return him.

Bag Men

Two men meet in a park for lunch. The contents of their lunch bags contains more than sandwiches from Jimmy John's and reveals much about the future of one of the men.

Bootsie Manilow Speaks

Twentysomething introvert Hannah is listening to music when her cat Bootsie begins speaking to her. Stunned by her feline’s sudden ability to talk, she excitedly jumpstarts a long-desired conversation with him, but Bootsie offers up some advice that she’s not so eager to hear.

Carry that Weight

Siblings Jude and Prudence are cleaning out their late father's attic when they find an old cell phone that provides a special connection to their departed dad, and perhaps the last chance for Jude to come to terms with their rocky relationship.

Don't Call Me Cupid

Katheryn is completely smitten with a new man in her life and is eager to show him off to her roommate. Love takes a tragic backseat, however, when the god Eros aka Cupid appears and accidentally shoots her new boyfriend with the wrong arrow.

The Last Song

Inspired by a true story: a man dying of Covid is given the option of choosing the last song he would like to hear as before his ventilator is removed.

The Lost Melody

Anthony is obsessed with finding a specific piece of classical music for his mother's funeral. When his father intervenes in what's proving to be a hopeless quest, withheld resentments come to light.


A zombie has an existential crisis.


Three siblings struggling with changes in their family realize it's always darkest just before the dawn.

Our Song

The marriage of a romantic and cynic is put to the test when they argue over whether they need their own song, ultimately taking their marriage in a dangerous direction.

Starry, Starry Night

The play is set in the 1979. William and Julian are on a camping trip at Devil's Lake State Park in Wisconsin when Julian reveals that he is gay.

The Wandering Blues

Tanya is about to get on the tour bus with her banjo and leave her boyfriend Scott behind once again.

What's Love Got to Do with It?

A carnival worker's plan to take his evening break is interrupted by a feisty senior citizen who continuously pesters him.

lost melody
our song
what's love

Virtual shows

In alphabetical order


A Committee to Discuss ( ) in the ( ) Place

A group of people meet discuss an important matter.

Drive My Car

The first AI-driving Uber has arrived, and it takes Zara for a ride in more ways than one.

It's a Sin to Tell a Lie

Twins dominated by their mother recount an incident involving the landlord who came for his rent.


Julie and Betsy, sittin’ in a tree, k.i.s.s.i.n.g. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage. If it were only this simple and pure.

Lemon Tart

A crucial favor asked between two old girl friends quickly tears down their fragile facades.

A Little Too Heavy

A young gravedigger is hired to help an older gravedigger. Conflict ensues; the song contributes to a resolution of sorts.

This Year

2020. Plague. Riots. Fires. Getting to work on time.

little too
this year
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