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Director Payments

In order to recruit the best talents out there and show our appreciation for your time, we are offering a small stipend for the directors of Summer Shorts 2: Revenge of the Shorts.

How it works:

Each play will be performed twice (7 plays on Friday and 7 plays on Saturday night), and again on Sunday (7 in the early afternoon, the remaining 7 in the late afternoon).

The theatre seats approximately 125 people, and the median ticket price will be $10.


Upon completion of the entire production, the venue will receive 40% of the ticket sales.

Jakespeare will collect 10% of the total gross.

The remaining 50% will be split equally among the directors whose works have played each performance.

Example scenario:

  • The Friday evening show makes $1,000 in ticket sales.

  • The venue receives $400.

  • 10% (In this case, $100) will be collected for Jakespeare Theatre Company.

  • The remaining 50% ($500) is split equally among the 7 directors (in this example, approx. $71 each).

  • The same process is followed for the Sunday shows.

Similarly, the virtual play directors/playwrights will be compensated based on the number of tickets sold for streaming after the streaming window has closed.

There will also be an audience vote for the best play, whose playwright will be compensated accordingly.

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